Reflections on Women & Politics

Big thumbs up to the women, both democrats and republicans, in elected positions.  For constituting half of our population it only makes sense that their views and experiences should be a vital part to policy.  They have had to overcome very significant stereotypes in order to get where they are.  From my perspective of growing up in a single-parent household under my mom and also learning the struggles of the women in my family I have come to realize that women are not daintily delicate (with an implication that they need to be protected), but instead they are often times the rock of society and thus have strengths that we need to draw upon.  They provide for their family’s emotional needs, they play the “mediator” in most family conflicts, they work relentlessly to support their partner and children in their endeavors… all while taking care of basic needs of their family.

It perplexes me, then, that women still are nowhere near 50% of elected positions in state legislatures, governorships, or in congress.  I truly don’t care their ideological perspective… but instead the very important representation of half of our country.

Let me give you an example:  the women’s reproductive rights vs. religious liberties.  I know it’s a hard thing to discuss… but it’s something that we must because both things are very important.  However, it makes my blood boil that within this discussion only males seem to be able to participate.  Take the congressional hearing that took place earlier this year.  This patriarchal view should to be said… but what about the other side?  What about women’s voices?  Or, better yet, religious women’s voices!?

Melinda Gates here speaks about contraception on a global scale, but her message resonates on a local one.  Contraception is an important part of family planning and gives women the power to make the best choices for their family.  She is catholic herself, but she has an interesting perspective:  that it is religion’s job to help guide moral truths but not to take choices away from family and women.

For being a country that prides itself on “freedom” why is it that we are so quick to take it away from half of the population without (1) consulting them and (2) drawing upon their strengths to help us create the policy and direction of our country.  Women need not be silenced, but seen as an integral part of the process.


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