What “Hill Country” is Missing…

I currently live in San Antonio, Texas. Texans love to boast about “Hill Country.”  I’ve been there and it’s nice.  It really is.  But right now I can’t help but miss the Rockies… not the baseball team, but instead their namesake.  I wish I could go get lost in a hike, go waterskiing with the family, spend a few nights at my aunt and uncle’s cabin… or even just go for a drive.

ImageWhy do I feel so inclined?  There is something that just brings you back to earth… gets you out of your head and into the present tense.  It’s calming.  It reminds you of your humanity… that you are just a steward of the planet and that you are inevitably going to die just like everything else in nature.  But it also reminds you that all great things take time.  That balance is always important because in balance comes serenity.

Can’t help but think that what the Hill Country is missing is mountains.



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