Assumptions about Right and Wrong

I have begun my summer celebration by setting my reading list and getting to ‘work’ (pun intended).  Within one book, “What The Dog Saw” by Malcolm Gladwell, I found an interesting chapter about what at first seemed to be a very counter-intuitive investment strategy.  I immediately felt inclined to send it to my uncle (a hard-core republican who works for an investment firm) and wanted to write him a note.  Here is part of that note:

Reading it [“What The Dog Saw”], I came across a fantastic chapter about investment.  Having been an Econ major I remember all about risk management and I know that that is a huge part of your job.

What struck me most about the article was it made me look at myself and others and ask not “What and how do we make decisions?” because that is complicated in itself.  However, it did get me thinking this:  all decisions are made on a set of assumptions we have created based on pure experience and schooling… then we base decisions off of mainly logic that builds off those assumptions.

But what if our assumptions aren’t wrong… but simply that there is an alternate (and usually ‘opposite’) way of teasing reason out from those assumptions?  Is that “wrong”?

I don’t know about you, but I think often times it comes down to what “feels right.”  Time and time again I find that I may not agree with someone, but I always find they are trying to do “right”… even if it’s just a feeling…

I feel this is just one more step in trying to understand instead of just demonize the “others” in my mind– republicans, for instance.


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