About Jake

Interesting things about me:

  • Born and raised in Montana.  Felt like a black sheep.
  • Undergrad at Boston University.  International Relations & Econ.  Woot woot!
  • I know how to drive stick shift.  Yeah… I rock.
  • Drawn to kids and animals.  They are just too cute & loveable.
  • I’m gay.  My experiences have shaped a huge part of my beliefs.
  • ENTJ for Meyers Briggs.  Aka… I love people, but I can accidentally become judgy.
  • I’m constantly trying to do, be, and think goodness.  Try.
  • Math is my forte.  But I love the social sciences.
  • Strengths:  Achiever, Relator, Learner, Input, Analysis
  • After graduating I taught for two years in an inner-city school.  Middle school math (read:  excellent at sarcasm)

Oh, yeah… and I think too much and I know it.  Please feel free to partake with me or to try and cool me down.  Happy reading!


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