What “Hill Country” is Missing…

I currently live in San Antonio, Texas. Texans love to boast about “Hill Country.”  I’ve been there and it’s nice.  It really is.  But right now I can’t help but miss the Rockies… not the baseball team, but instead their namesake.  I wish I could go get lost in a hike, go waterskiing with the family, spend a few nights at my aunt and uncle’s cabin… or even just go for a drive.

ImageWhy do I feel so inclined?  There is something that just brings you back to earth… gets you out of your head and into the present tense.  It’s calming.  It reminds you of your humanity… that you are just a steward of the planet and that you are inevitably going to die just like everything else in nature.  But it also reminds you that all great things take time.  That balance is always important because in balance comes serenity.

Can’t help but think that what the Hill Country is missing is mountains.



Could it be love…?

Recently I have spent many of my days babysitting my friends’ 11-mo old son, Michael. I know that it is against everyone’s stereotypes of boys babysitting.  Don’t be a hater because I think I am actually pretty fantastic at it.  And what’s more is that with this little boy I have discovered a new type of love that I haven’t felt this passionately before.  Of course, I’m talking about the love of a child.  Strangely, I was holding him by the window and began to cry at the thought that after this year I probably wouldn’t know him this deeply again and that made me sad, but made me even more convinced that I must have kids of my own.  I love him so much.

Another person I must mention in this post by the same name.  I am a person who has never “fallen in love” and wonder if I ever will have that.  I think I’m nearly too practical, rational, and realistic about things so even when things are good on a date, the emotional “fall” never takes hold of me.  But I think I’ve found someone who “feels right”.  I won’t go into the details, other than to say I feel we just “fall” into synch immediately.  Quite a new experience for me.

I usually know immediately off my gut instinct if something isn’t working.  But with these two gents I am constantly surrounded by their gentle genuineness, incredible intelligence, and caring compassion.  Who knows where either will lead, but right now I’m in “lovin’ it”.  Or at least my own version.

Hello world!

logorrhea – (from Greek λογορροια (logorrhoia); from λόγος (logos), meaning “word”, and ῥοία (rhoia), meaning “flow”).  What does this word mean, then?  Basically, word vomit.  Uncontrolled talking.  When I get impassioned about something I find that I jest with my friends that I am in the middle of a bout of logorrhea.

I think too much.  I watch too many Ted talks, which you will find I reference a lot.  I read too much news, which you will also find me rambling about.  I talk too much with my friends about things, which I also might ponder freely here.

So I ask your forgiveness in advance.  I will always try to be fair and balanced.  I will try and make you think.  But most of all, this is just to get this stuff out of my head so I can stop obsessing.  So either put up with it or obsess with me.